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Pinatubo Yuteki Tenmoku Tea Bowl (Hekikai 2)(2019)

The Pinatubo Yuteki Tenmoku Tea Bowl symbolizes amity and goodwill between the Philippines and Japan. The ash used to glaze the bowl was generated in the Mount Pinatubo eruption (1991). Haruhiko personally gathered 5 kg of ash in 2018 in an arduous journey to the afflicted region.

Presenting this chawan—which transforms disaster into beauty—in the Philippines

and suggesting the possibility of developing a unique ceramics glaze from Pinatubo

ash were the initial motivations for KANEKO to exhibit at the Pintô. Of the four such

tea bowls that were created, one is owned by the nation of Japan and held at the

Japanese Embassy in Manila.



Liberating the Chawan: I Am a Tea Bowl.  I Am the Sea.

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