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Teahouse Shima (2022)

In the way of tea, one abides by the following principles:


 WA (harmony) = to open our hearts to one another.

敬 KEI (respect) = to respect one another.

清 SEI (purity) = to maintain purity at the place where you are and in your heart.

寂 JAKU (tranquility) = not to become upset.


In this spirit, any place can be a teahouse. It doesn’t have to have walls. More than

anything, a teahouse is a state of mind. The Kanekos sometimes think Ishigaki is a

teahouse, and you might think of the islands of the Philippines in the same way.

Usually, though, a teahouse is a small, confined structure. You could even feel it’s

something like a prison cell. (“Shima” means island.)

Teahouse Shima (Brochure Picture).jpg


Liberating the Chawan: I Am a Tea Bowl.  I Am the Sea.

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